Powerhouse Pub

Powerhouse Pub gives you more than a typical pub would, hence the name. Sacramento Party Bus customers love the fact that they've got some of the cheapest and strongest drinks around and that you can also dance and get wild here. There are two bars and lots of space here, so you can find your cozy niche and stay there or wander around and mingle if you prefer! Great bands play here too, so if you're into the Sacramento music scene, you will really enjoy yourself here. Amazing acoustics only adds to the ambiance, making this one a clear Sacramento Party Bus must-visit!

Address & Phone: 614 Sutter St | Folsom, CA 95630 | (916) 355-8586


Sacramento Party Bus customers always request this one because they've got such a wonderful selection of beers and they're always adding something new to their tap rotation so that you can try something you've never tasted before, or perhaps that you've been dying to taste again! The onion rings are simply delectable here and we're obsessed with their asparagus bruschetta. Their menu is simply sensational, really extensive and varied! It's really cozy to sit in their outdoor area and enjoy the breezy evening with your friends. Not a huge wine selection here but you can bring your own bottle, which is nice!

Address & Phone: 1004 E Bidwell | Folsom, CA 95630 | (916) 986-9655

The Cellar Wine Bar

The ambiance at The Cellar Wine Bar is enough to make us come back time and time again. Add in that incredible selection of wines and the wonderful service and you've really got a winner on your hands. Their beer selection is noteworthy too, so if anyone in your party is not an aspiring sommelier like you, or if they're not even slightly into it, they can down a few of their favorite brewskis instead. The pizzas are just amazing here and their brie cheese plate really drives our tastebuds wild. Sacramento Party Bus customers recommended this place to us first, and now we're recommending it to you in return!

Address & Phone: 727 Sutter St | Folsom, CA 95630 | (916) 293-9332

Samuel Horne's Tavern

This has got to be one of our personal favorite pubs in this area of California! They've got such an incredible selection of beers and menu items, and every single one of them is just tantalizingly good. They've got a burger on the menu that's named after a certain man in black, and when you lay your tastebuds on that perfectly cooked meat with bourbon barbecue sauce slathered on top, you will absolutely lose your cool! Too good. The happy hour prices will keep you coming back for more, as if you wouldn't be willing to pay a high premium for food and drinks this good! Stellar service too.

Address & Phone: 719 Sutter St | Folsom, CA 95630 | (916) 293-8207

Hampton's on Sutter

Another one of our favorite sports bars in the area! The guys love it for their beef wellington burgers (dee-lish!) and the ladies love it for their strawberry lemon drops (yum!). The french fries are simply delicious here and we're also obsessed with their black and bleu burger. This is one of the newer bars and restaurants in the area but they have already made quite a name for themselves. The beer and wine selections are very good and the service is noteworthy as well. The patio is really a beautiful place to enjoy a sunny day or a moonlit evening. Overall, this place has made a great impression on us!

Address & Phone: 608 Sutter St | Folsom, CA 95630 | (916) 985-4735