Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Party Bus Sacramento licensed by the State of California and City of Sacramento?

A: Party Bus Sacramento strives to follow all city and state guidelines that are required of private bus companies. All vehicles in our fleet are licensed and insured. All chauffeurs are also properly licensed and insured. You can feel safe knowing that Party Bus Sacramento takes your safety and the law very seriously. Our TCP # for the state of California is TCP 20949-A.

Q: Do Party Bus Sacramento vehicles smell like cigarette smoke?

A: Party Bus Sacramento has adopted a no smoking policy to ensure that all of our vehicles smell fresh and clean at all times. Please respect your friends and our other guests by not smoking.

Q: Can my reservation be canceled?

A: Once you have put your deposit down or have paid in full, you cannot cancel your reservation. It's a promise you will pay for your rental and our promise to provide you with the rental. You cannot change the date of your reservation either. Depending on availability, you might be able to upgrade/downgrade your vehicle or change the time earlier/later. The pricing will reflect the changes you make.

Q: If my party is having such a great time on Party Bus Sacramento, can we extend our trip?

A: The goal of Party Bus Sacramento is to give you a trip that you will never forget. We understand that sometimes things go differently than planned and if you are having such a great time, why stop? We encourage all of our guests to party until you can't party anymore. There is no penalty for trip extensions, we simply bill you at the same predetermined hourly rate that your trip was booked at.

Q: I want to bring beer and alcohol on my trip, is that allowed?

A: Is it really a party without a few drinks? Party Bus Sacramento does its best to accommodate all of your needs, so drinks are absolutely allowed. We do provide coolers full of ice to keep your beverages nice and cold throughout the evening, along with plastic cups to help make your drink mixing easy. Please don't forget to to take your leftover beverages with you at the end of the trip, we can not hold them for you.

Q: What area does Party Bus Sacramento serve? Can I go where ever I want?

A: Party Bus Sacramento tries to cover as much of the Sacramento Metro area as possible. Please take a look at our services area page for just a small listing of the many cities that we will service. If you are unsure as to whether or not you are in our coverage area, please feel free to contact us.

Q: Does Party Bus Sacramento have group discounts lined up with clubs or restaurants?

A: Unfortunately, Party Bus Sacramento doesn't currently have any group discounts or deals with any of the fantastic local restaurants or clubs. We do, however, recommend that you call your destination locations ahead of time and inform them that you will be bringing in a large group of friends. The venue will often give a discounted cover charge or even free drink tickets.

Q: Do you just have party buses or do you have other vehicles?

A: We have anywhere from sedans to stretch SUV's to party buses. We have any vehicle you may need and if not we can probably refer you to one of our competitors who do.

Q: Do you know of any companies in other areas that can provide us service?

A: A few of the top companies we recommend across the country would be DC Limousine, Philly Limousine, and Baton Rouge Party Bus.