The Burger Saloon

The Burger Saloon is a must-visit if you love hamburgers and you're on the road with Sacramento Party Bus in Woodland! People just go wild for this place, and just one glance at the menu will tell you why! One bite will have you in heaven! There are tons of different burgers to choose from, including ones made from exotic meats as well as the old standards, and they've got just about every burger topping you could imagine. Tons of specialty burgers and amazing fries... we could go on and on about all the reasons that you should nosh here. Don't skip this one!

Address & Phone: 601 Main St | Woodland, CA 95695 | (530) 668-2747

Mojo's Kitchen 428

Mojo's Kitchen 428 is a real classic in the Woodland area! Sacramento Party Bus customers request this one almost more than any other restaurant and there's no question why. The food is just amazing. They've got a barbecued pig buffet dinner special as well as a Wednesday prime rib special. Who can resist that? Not only is the food superb, but this is also one of the very best bars in the entire area, and one of the most upscale too. They've got beautiful art on display and a really mellow and relaxed vibe that you'll have a hard time finding elsewhere. Enjoy the outdoor patio too!

Address & Phone: 428 1st St | Woodland, CA 95695 | (530) 661-0428

The Stag

If you're on the road with Sacramento Party Bus in Woodland and you're on the lookout for a really wonderful dive bar, The Stag is the name that you need to know. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are the nights that you need to be there, or any day at happy hour of course! There's a pool table here and TVs too in case you want to catch some sports while you're there. We just love the old fashioned ambiance here, with the dim lighting and the friendly staff. It's definitely a throwback to the good old days. Lots of regulars hanging out here but you'll feel right at home.

Address & Phone: 506 Main St | Woodland, CA 95695 | (530) 668-8373

Woodland Opera House Theater

The Woodland Opera House Theater is a great place in Sacramento Party Bus to see a play or a musical while you're on the road with us, and when those events aren't going on, they fill up the rest of the time with concerts and other live performances, so there's always something to see! The acoustics are really excellent here so it's a nice place to choose to see your favorite band play if you have the chance! Very cool ambiance here and a very nice choice for your Sacramento Party Bus trips! Conveniently located nearby The Burger Saloon which we mentioned above.

Address & Phone: 340 2nd St | Woodland, CA 95695 | (530) 666-9617


Tony's is another great option for some good stiff drinks at a low price that won't offend even the most budget-conscious Sacramento Party Bus partygoers! The only possible downside to this place is that all of the beer is in bottles. There are no taps. But the selection is very good so no one ever seems to mind! There's a churro truck located right across the street called Union de Tula and they deliver to the bar so you can take advantage of that deliciousness while you drink! Can't complain about that! Also be sure to come in on Tuesdays for their chicken tacos! Delish!

Address & Phone: 607 East St | Woodland, CA 95776 | (530) 662-2098