Volcano Union Pub

Volcano Union Pub is the restaurant that gets the most love from Volcano residents and visitors alike! Breakfast and brunch are at their very best here and we do recommend reservations! They've got some appetizers that we can never resist, including duck wings that blow buffalo wings clear out of the water! They've also got excellent ribs and lamb burgers that are so far beyond enticing. The service is just excellent here and the ambiance is just perfect for all of your celebrations, including anniversaries! They've got a large array of wine and beer to choose from as well. Sacramento Party Bus customers love it here!

Address & Phone: 21375 Consolation St | Volcano, CA 95689 | (209) 296-7711

Country Store

Country Store is both a store and restaurant that serves the Volcano area and it's a great place to stop in and enjoy a really delicious home cooked meal while also stocking up on anything else that you might need for your Sacramento Party Bus trip. Everybody in the area knows that this is the place to drop in for an ice cold beer. You'll be able to enjoy delicious sandwiches as well as hamburgers, and really hearty and tasty soups and salads too. Very impressive and memorable, and certainly one of the most unique and different places that you could ever visit during your Sacramento Party Bus trip!

Address & Phone: 16146 Main Street | Volcano, CA

Jug & Rose Baking Company

If you love quaint bakeries that make some of the most delectable baked goods that you've ever laid tastebuds on, you really owe it to yourself to check out Jug & Rose Baking Company when you're with Sacramento Party Bus in Volcano. The building it's housed in is just so sensational, with a stone exterior and a wooden overhang. They've got everything here from fresh bread and cookies to yummy egg quiches and even some gluten-free items for the health-conscious partygoers in your party bus group! The pies are also just fantastic here! Great staff that really knows their stuff!

Address & Phone: Volcano Road | Volcano, CA 95689 | (209) 296-7777

St George Wine Room

St George Wine Room is owned by Dave and Susan, and these two really know how to please the wine-loving customers of Volcano and beyond! Sacramento Party Bus customers always go wild for this place, and we are not at all surprised. "High quality" doesn't even come close to describing what you receive here. Their house made wine is absolutely sensational and we appreciate the generous pours! They've got live music here, and not just on the weekends! You will really enjoy your time here. Highly recommended for your smaller and more intimate party bus groups.

Address & Phone: 16112 Main Street | Volcano, CA

St George Hotel

If you're visiting Volcano with Sacramento Party Bus and looking for a place to stay for the night, you will certainly enjoy booking a room at the St George Hotel. The bar that's located inside is known as Whiskey Flat Saloon and it's really sensational. The staff in both the bar and hotel are so friendly and welcoming, you'll feel that you're right at home rather than staying in a hotel! They often rent out the dining room and backyard area for special celebrations, so if you want a private party in a really memorable setting, this is a wonderful option for you. Sacramento Party Bus recommended!

Address & Phone: 16104 Main Street | Volcano, CA 95689