Talking Mountain

Cork and Fork

Cork and Fork is certainly one of Sacramento Party Bus's favorite restaurants in the Talking Mountain area of California. We absolutely love the wine selection here and we go wild for their sensational sizzling dishes like the southern catfish and the irresistible fish tacos! They've got tons of different barbecue-style items to choose from and the service is simply out of this world. It's quiet and casual here, never pretentious in any sense of the word, and it's nice to kick back and enjoy yourself while the game is on TV too. Great desserts too, and they even deliver! Top notch.

Address & Phone: 3006 State Hwy 49 | Cool, CA 95614 | (530) 889-1195

Milestone Saloon

Milestone Saloon is one of those fantastic neighborhood bars that really makes you feel at home. Maybe that's why Sacramento Party Bus customers request this place so often. There's no food made on the premises but the deli next door takes care of all of the noshing needs! On Fridays you'll love the live bands that light up the night with their music and on Saturdays you'll get a chance to do so yourself on karaoke night! Fridays and Saturdays are always jumping here. Very cool country ambiance and there's even pool to keep you busy while you chat up your friends. Always a great time!

Address & Phone: 2968 State Hwy 49 | Cool, CA 95614 | (530) 889-1768

Cool Beerwerks

Cool Beerwerks is one of the coolest pubs around and Sacramento Party Bus customers attest to that fact by constantly adding their address to their party bus itinerary! This is not a place to go and dine and then have some beer on the side... rather, this is a full-on brewery that also features some delectable appetizers. The beer itself is the focus, and we love it that way. They've got lots of great brews to choose from and they're really making a name for themselves quickly. Excellent live music as well! Be sure to try the pulled pork sliders or the wasabi green beans. A cool and comfortable place to chill!

Address & Phone: 5020 Ellinghouse Dr | Cool, CA 95614 | (530) 885-5866

Dingus McGees

If you're seeking a comfortable American bar atmosphere, Dingus McGees has got you covered. There's plenty of room here for larger party bus groups and there's always something to do, whether it's noshing on delectable fish and chips or biting into juicy hamburgers, throwing back icy cold brewskis or taking shots, enjoying delicious better-than-bar-fare prime rib or grilled fish, or just hanging out with your good friends and enjoying an evening out! It's really a fun place with great service and it's pretty lively in the bar area too! The booths are very cozy. Definitely one of our faves!

Address & Phone: 14500 Musso Rd | Auburn, CA 95603 | (530) 878-1000

R&R Cafe & Saloon

R&R Cafe & Saloon is a quaint little dive bar that doesn't pretend to be anything that it's not. The regulars love to come in on Tuesdays for taco night and that's pretty much the evening that we'd most recommend to you! They're not always open on the other nights of the week, but it's a safe bet that they'll be there for their famous Tuesdays. The staff is really friendly here and they definitely enjoy what they do. No beer on tap, just cans and bottles, but that's a familiar dive bar situation, and if you're a lover of a good dive, you're not likely to mind that! A gem in the rough, and no complaints from Sacramento Party Bus!

Address & Phone: 5032 Garden Valley Road | Garden Valley, CA 95633 | (530) 333-9999