The Abbey Trappist Pub

How many times has the staff here at Sacramento Party Bus mentioned The Abbey Trappist Pub to our customers who are looking for a great place to dine and drink in Stockton? Too many to count! It's a personal favorite of ours and many of our partygoers have told us how much they enjoy it too. They've got a huge selection of beers for you to enjoy here and food of such high quality you will come back time and time again. We always recommend the skirt steak sandwich, which has always been our go-to item, but you really can't make a wrong choice here. Open until midnight most nights and until 1:30 AM on Fri-Sat.

Address & Phone: 2353 Pacific Ave | Stockton, CA 95204 | (209) 451-1780

AVE on the Mile

All the locals know about this one as it's perhaps the most visited bars and restaurants in this area! A real Stockton gem. We really love it for their brunch offerings but any time of day is great to stop in. Sacramento Party Bus customers have mentioned that they love noshing on the eggs benedict here and they're fans of the all-you-can-drink mimosas as well! Happy hour starts at exactly 3:33 PM because of their three dollar beer specials and wine specials. Talk about a bargain! The happy hour food is also very noteworthy, especially the tapas and the tuna! Too delish. Super friendly servers here too!

Address & Phone: 2333 Pacific Ave | Stockton, CA 95204 | (209) 462-5283

Blackwater Cafe

This gem of a eatery is a must-see when you are looking to find chill place and you're a fan of live music! The variety of live acts are simply amazing, really a great array of the local talent on display. There's a huge spectrum of musical styles represented here too, so no matter what you're into, there's sure to be a night where you can come in and discover a new band playing that genre. Where most of the places that we recommend here are bars and nightclubs, this one is a cafe that serves really outstanding coffee and tea. Really a special spot, and great to support a local one like this!

Address & Phone: 912 N Yosemite St | Stockton, CA 95203 | (209) 943-6938

Whirlow's Tossed and Grilled

Sandwiches, jazz, blues, wine... that's a list of things that would attract us to virtually any spot on the map, but when you're talking about Whirlow's Tossed and Grilled, we'll get there on the double! Sacramento Party Bus customers constantly request this place and we're not sure if it's more for the delicious food or more for the incredible music. We're personally really into their pesto aioli sandwich and their pulled pork sandwich. No matter what you order here, you should definitely pair it with their sweet potato fries! Incredibly friendly staff and just a great place to have lunch and hear tunes!

Address & Phone: 1924 Pacific Ave | Stockton, CA 95204 | (209) 466-2823

Fat's Grill & Bar

Seeking a fantastic sports bar in Stockton? Fat's will do you just fine. The pizza twists are the go-to item for most of us on staff here at Sacramento Party Bus and many of us go wild for their nachos too. Excellent barbecue items can be had here as well as your standard bar fare, and it's all really delicious. The happy hour prices and drink specials will really please anyones budget so you needn't worry about your pocketbook on this adventure! Lots of big TVs are scattered around the bar so you can catch the game while you're there. Cool, laid back atmosphere that is perfect to unwind. Super friendly service! Highly recommended.

Address & Phone: 4555 N Pershing Ave | Stockton, CA 95207 | (209) 473-3281