Rose's Island

Rose's Island has always been a great place for Sacramento Party Bus customers to drop in for a quick drink as they're traveling out of the Sacramento area. Located in nearby Esparto, this is actually the only bar in that city, which makes it quite special in its own right. There's a great burger joint right across the street too, so you can fill up on juicy hamburgers and then head into the bar to wash it down with your favorite whiskey or whatever your particular poison may be! Definitely a Sacramento Party Bus favorite in this area and you'll enjoy the low drink prices and great service!

Address & Phone: 16867 Yolo Avenue | Esparto, CA 95627 | (530) 787-3240

Pre-Flite Lounge

The Pre-Flite Lounge is a great little dive bar that's tucked away right in the middle of the downtown area. Amid all that hustle and bustle, you can step in and take a real breather, a short but sweet getaway from all the rushing around. Sacramento Party Bus customers always mention the old fashioned juke box that they feature here which is packed with old records (real records!) of all the classic hits that you haven't heard in a blue moon. The drinks are super cheap here and they're always good and strong. If you get there early you can beat the crowds. A party bus favorite!

Address & Phone: Downtown | 513 L St | Sacramento, CA 95814 | (916) 441-7963

Marilyn's on K

Sacramento Party Bus customers have always loved singing karoake at Marilyn's on K! We like to think that the "K" stands for both "K Street" and "Karaoke" because that's what we remember this place for best! Earlier in the week, they close up shop at 1:00 AM, but Thursday thru Saturday, you're good to go until 2:00 AM. You will absolutely adore the happy hour prices here and you'll love shaking your booty into the wee hours of the night. There are even TVs here in case it's a big game night and you don't want to miss your favorite team scoring that win. Lots of room for groups too!

Address & Phone: Downtown | 908 K St | Sacramento, CA 95814 | (916) 446-4361

Knockouts Sports Bar & Grill

There aren't a whole lot of great sports bars in this area, but Knockouts definitely deserves a mention in that category! Sacramento Party Bus customers love to hang out and watch the games here while sipping cheap drinks and enjoying the atmosphere. They've got excellent food here too, so you can nosh and fill up before you head out to your other destinations for the evening on the party bus. It's very nice and clean here, well kept, and the owners are super friendly as well. This is certainly a good choice for some burgers or steak and a nice cold beer during your outing with us!

Address & Phone: 227 C St | Marysville, CA 95901 | (530) 741-2737

Old Ironsides

Old Ironsides is one of Sacramento Party Bus's personal favorite bars in the downtown area, not just to take our customers to on their nights out, but for our own nights on the town. They're open until 2:00 AM every night except Sundays when they're closed, and the best nights to come in are Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. There are TVs here so you won't have to miss the game and they've got excellent happy hour prices to save you some dough too. The local bands that play here are always great and open mic night is worth attending as well! Always something to see and do here.

Address & Phone: Downtown | 1901 10th St | Sacramento, CA 95814 | (916) 443-9751