Rio Vista

Foster's Bighorn

Foster's Bighorn is just one of the greatest bars around! We love the ambiance with all the trophy animals displayed throughout the place. There's so much of it that it's almost like a highway roadside attraction rather than a bar and restaurant, and yet the food and drinks are really great! We're huge fans of the oyster sandwiches here and the hamburgers are always excellent too. Great fries as well. The people who work here are so friendly and they make sure that you feel right at home. Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are the best nights to visit. No happy hour prices, but good prices all the time!

Address & Phone: 143 Main St | Rio Vista, CA 94571 | (707) 374-2511

Striper Lounge

When you're traveling with Sacramento Party Bus in Rio Vista and seeking a really great retro dive bar, Striper Lounge should be tops on your list of spots to visit. Fridays and Saturdays are plenty busy here and there's plenty of room for groups. The ambiance is dark and loud just like the bars of yesteryear. The old sign that hangs out front is as much of an attraction as the interior as far as we're concerned. We hope they never have to replace that! They just don't make 'em like they used to, and that goes for the sign and the bar! Top notch, highly recommended!

Address & Phone: 210 Main St | Rio Vista, CA 94571 | (707) 374-5513

Flamingo Lounge

Flamingo Lounge goes into the same category as the bar above, pure retro dive bar goodness! Sacramento Party Bus customers love this place and just one visit will tell you why. It's all about the vibe. It's mellow and relaxed, there's plenty to do including pool and darts as well as sports on TV, and they've even got a nice specialty coffee drink to enjoy when you want to sober up from all those beers. Great prices, friendly faces, good service. This is a cash-only spot, so make sure to stop at the ATM. Don't miss that old sign out front either! We just love that slice of retro goodness.

Address & Phone: 110 Main St | Rio Vista, CA 94571 | (707) 374-2473

Outrigger Cafe

When you're fishing in the area or just passing through with Sacramento Party Bus on the limo bus, Outrigger Cafe is a definite must-visit. Boaters enjoy the fact that they can dock their boat right outside and then eat outside too. Who wants to be crammed into an indoors restaurant when you've just stepped off the boat, or the party bus, for that matter? The icy cold beers are excellent here and we love everything that they serve in terms of the food. Most things are fried here, and they're all cooked just right! The fried zucchini is probably our favorite and we're in love with their fries!

Address & Phone: 17641 Sherman Island Levee Road | Rio Vista, CA 94571 | (916) 777-4646

Busaba on the Delta

Busaba on the Delta is a Sacramento Party Bus favorite in nearby Isleton. This is a Thai restaurant that everybody just loves! The nguan nam tok is one of our personal favorites. They've got plenty of delicious options here including seafood and even vegetarian fare. Breakfast is also wonderful here, which is something you might not expect at a restaurant like this! The eggs benedict is simply out of this world and they're very generous with portions too! The location is so convenient and so pleasant, located right by a river inlet and there are picnic tables so you can sit outside and enjoy the breeze.

Address & Phone: 15460 Hwy 160 | Isleton, CA 95641 | (916) 777-6655