Pyramid Lake

Coffee Cantina

Coffee Cantina is a really unique place to stop in and enjoy some live music, art, food, and drinks. They've got lots of green and organic items here including grass fed beef burgers that are really melt-in-your-mouth good. Their coffee drinks are excellent, including a mocha freeze that will put Starbucks Frappuccinos to shame! We love to stop in for a hearty breakfast burrito in the mornings and it's a good spot for lunch and dinner too. Great shows here put on my local musicians who are definitely worthy of your support and your ear. Sacramento Party Bus customers love this one!

Address & Phone: 3011 Mount Pinos Way | Frazier Park, CA 93225 | (661) 245-3166

Country Girl Saloon

Country Girl Saloon is one of our favorite dive bars in the Pyramid Lake and Castaic area. You simply will not find prices lower than this anywhere in the area. You'll enjoy rocking out to their juke box music and maybe busting out a few of your favorite hits at karaoke. There's an outdoor patio too so you can enjoy a smoke or just enjoy the breeze. There are TVs so you won't have to miss that big game while you're there. They accept credit cards too, which is nice, since it kind of feels like one of those old fashioned cash-only establishments. A couple of pool tables too!

Address & Phone: 31602 Castaic Rd | Castaic, CA 91384 | (661) 257-9918

Red Hookah Lounge

Red Hookah Lounge is possibly the only hookah lounge you'll find in this area and it's plenty of fun when you're heading out for a night of fun with Sacramento Party Bus. They've got really reasonable prices and the service is just excellent. One of the things that we like best is that there's a smoke shop connected to the building, so you can run in and grab what you need at any point in the evening. So convenient. There's a mix of live music, DJ music, and juke box music here, as well as karaoke! Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are the very best nights to come in.

Address & Phone: 31585 Castaic Rd | Castaic, CA 91384 | (661) 993-2886

Howie's Pub

Howie's is another dive bar in the Pyramid Lake area that Sacramento Party Bus customers often ask our chauffeurs to take them to. We haven't personally been to this one but we've heard from our customers that there's not a whole lot of a selection when it comes to the beer, but that it is super cheap! There are pool tables for your entertainment and there's always good service too. They're open every single night of the week until 2:00 AM, always opening promptly at 4:00 PM too. They're always there for you when all the other Pyramid Lake joints have closed for the evening! Good stuff.

Address & Phone: 31579 Castaic Rd | Castaic, CA 91384 | (661) 295-8755

Sue's Tavern

Sue's Tavern is a nice spot to come in and enjoy the nightlife when you're on the road with Sacramento Party Bus in the Pyramid Lake area. They've got live music provided by local bands that are always great and the service is always fast and friendly here. This cozy dive bar is kept nice and clean and you can really tell that the people who run it put a lot of love into it. That's pretty rare to see. The location is certainly convenient, making it the perfect stop when you're passing through this area of California with Sacramento Party Bus. Good stiff drinks at a very low price too!

Address & Phone: 3440 Mount Pinos Way | Frazier Park, CA 93225 | (661) 245-110