St George Wine Room

We are totally taken with this wonderful out of the way, rustic, and charming combination of a wine room and bar that we simply love. Sacramento Party Bus customers often request this one when they're traveling through the Pioneer area with our professional chauffeurs. It's a great place to go because there's lots of room for groups and for dancing. They have a great mix of live music and karaoke so you can enjoy exciting performances and even put on one yourself if you are brave or drunk enough! The ambiance is dark, casual, and cozy, just right for your more laid back celebrations where you want to sip wine and enjoy good conversation.

Address & Phone: 16112 Main St | Volcano, CA 95689

Stanley's Steakhouse

It's tough competition but this location is the top of the heap when it comes to delicious steakhouses in the Pioneer area. It's located in National Hotel Jackson, which makes it a very convenient place to dine if you happen to be staying there for the evening. While it's in a hotel it is open to the general public to stop into this hotel bar and enjoy the ambiance. They've got free wi-fi and TVs so you can catch the game and stay up to date with the latest scores. They've got excellent filet mignon, prime rib, and lamb here, as well as mushroom risotto that we personally feel is to die for! Too delish. Highly recommended.

Address & Phone: 2 Water St | Jackson, CA 95642 | (209) 257-2595

Teresa's Place Italian Dinners

For a cozier and more old fashioned Italian meal, you should certainly consider Teresa's Place when you're on the road in the Pioneer area with Sacramento Party Bus. You can enjoy a great meal on the restaurant side and then relax at the bar for the rest of the evening. There are TVs here so you won't have to miss the bigger games while you're there. No dance floor or wi-fi though, sorry. That can be a plus depending on what kind of atmosphere you're after! The roast beef is delicious and all of the pasta dishes are really wonderful. Super friendly bartenders and always strong drinks, I mean it's hard to ask for more than that!

Address & Phone: 1235 Jackson Gate Rd | Jackson, CA 95642 | (209) 223-1786

The Union House Pizza

The Union House Pizza is the place that's best known for delectable pizza in the Pioneer area and Sacramento Party Bus customers are always requesting it as one of their stops for that very reason. We're particularly big fans of their pepperoni and sausage pizza and we've also noshed on their Hawaiian barbecued chicken pizza many times! That's a flavor that you won't soon forget. Unique and exciting for parties too. This isn't your typical cheap pizza joint either... try their garlic and olive oil garnish and you'll see what we mean. "Gourmet" wouldn't be too strong of a word! Top notch pizza along with everything else on their menu, it would be hard to leave disappointed.

Address & Phone: 8345 Main St | Mokelumne Hill, CA 95245 | (847) 475-2400

Wendell's Lounge

Truely a really a unique place to try when you're traveling in Pioneer with Sacramento Party Bus. They've got really wonderful barbecued items here including brisket sandwiches that will make your mouth water, pork ribs with jack sauce that simply fall off the bone, and a house made garlic barbecue sauce that we could just drink all by itself! That's how great it is. It's a nice laid-back and casual place to spend an evening chatting with your friends, enjoying yummy food, and sipping strong drinks that are never watered down. Not too pricey either, making it a nice choice for our budget-conscious travelers who are still looking for a good time.

Address & Phone: 9036 W Center | Mokelumne Hill, CA 95245 | (209) 286-1338