Pine Grove

St George Wine Room

Some of Sacramento Party Bus's customers and friends have described St George Wine Room as a backwoods wine bar, and we'd say that's the perfect description! "Rustic" really is the ideal word for it, and it really is a getaway from all the typical pretense that comes along with most wine tasting establishments. They really get down to brass tacks here, focusing on the wine and the high quality therein. You get your money's worth here and then some! Live music and karaoke make it even more exciting. Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are by far the best nights to stop in for a sip (or two, or three, or four)...

Address & Phone: 16112 Main St | Volcano, CA 95689

Drytown Club

When it comes to awesome old western bars and dive bars, Drytown Club gets a major recommendation from Sacramento Party Bus. Our customers have always enjoyed themselves here, whether they're noshing on the delicious food, enjoying the live music, or relaxing on the outdoor patio and having a smoke. Dancing is a huge highlight here and it's the perfect place to get down! Especially if country music is your favorite music to dance to. The ribeye steaks are our favorite thing on the menu here and we're obsessed with their pulled pork too! But the menu is strong across the board. Very highly recommended, to say the least!

Address & Phone: 15950 Hwy 49 | Drytown, CA 95699 | (209) 245-6722

Salute Beer & Wine Bar

This next local institution is one of those places that has garnered Sacramento Party Bus's recommendation more than a time or two, and for very good reason. Fridays and Saturdays are excellent times to drop in and enjoy the low prices, the live music, and the sensational wine selection. They've even got a nice selection of beers on draft as well, so it's not just a wine lovers' paradise, as most wine bars are. They've got Tequila Tuesdays as well, so there's definitely something for everybody here. The chips and salsa are almost as big of a draw as the tequila itself! So delish. You will really enjoy it no matter which items you choose.

Address & Phone: 40 Hanford St | Sutter Creek, CA 95685 | (925) 917-0261

Susan's Place Wine Bar & Eatery

A really special place in our opinion that it is perhaps as well known for its Mediterranean fare as it is for its wine. The ambiance itself would make it well worth the visit, even if you weren't enjoying some of the best food and drink in this area of California! The prices are quite moderate and though they don't have happy hour here, you'll be happy to pay full price once you get a glimpse of the quality. Lunch and dinner are both excellent here and late evenings on the weekends are the very best times to come in. You'll enjoy the romantic ambiance as well, especially for your more intimate celebrations!

Address & Phone: 15 Eureka St | Sutter Creek, CA 95685 | (209) 267-0945

Stanley's Steakhouse

There's a brand new chef at Stanley's Steakhouse, and he is really terrific, if you haven't visited lately be sure to stop in when you're with Sacramento Party Bus! The food is simply sensational and we love the fact that this place is open later than most in the area, until 1am on Fridays and Saturdays. The prices are quite high as they are for all good steakhouses, but you won't mind that a bit because it's so damn good. So the next time you are in the mood for a quality porterhouse be sure to come in and enjoy steak, drinks, and live music. Free wi-fi too and plenty of room for your larger party bus groups, just be sure to reach out to them in advance for a reservation!

Address & Phone: 2 Water St | Jackson, CA 95642 | (209) 257-2595