North Woodbridge

Woodbridge Uncorked

Wine tasting and wine bar fans will love Woodbridge Uncorked! This place is highly recommended for all of your classy celebrations, including but certainly not limited to bachelorette parties and bridal showers. They've really got a wonderful selection of wines for you to choose from here. The best part is that the staff is super knowledgeable here, as they should be, and that means that they can point you to the best choices on the wine menu. Note that there's no food here but they welcome you to order from the wonderful pizza restaurant next door, Woodbridge Pizza.

Address & Phone: 18911 N Lower Sacramento Rd | Woodbridge, CA 95258 | (209) 365-7575

Vintage Sports Grill

Vintage Sports Grill always gets Sacramento Party Bus's recommendation for our customers that are traveling in the North Woodbridge area. It's located close by in nearby Lodi and that's such a short drive, especially when you're enjoying being driven by a Sacramento Party Bus chauffeur! This place is a great throwback to the sports bars of old. They've got all your favorite drinks here, great prices for both cocktails and beer, video games and karaoke to keep you busy, and choice of on-premises bar food or delicious Mexican fare from the taqueria next door! Enough said!

Address & Phone: 117 N Sacramento St | Lodi, CA 95240 | (209) 912-9488

Ollie's Pub

Ollie's Pub is another of our small town favorites. Just a short jaunt away in nearby Lodi, this one is really cherished by Sacramento Party Bus customers and we think it will be by you too. The prices are good and they do accept credit cards so you can get a tab going and not have to pay throughout the evening. They've got Nintendo's Wii Sports (virtual bowling, anybody?) hooked up to a huge screen TV here, and if that's not a reason to come in with your friends, then we don't know what is! Nice outdoor patios in both the front and the rear in this place. Highly recommended!

Address & Phone: 22 N School St | Lodi, CA 95240 | (209) 333-9933

Whiskey Barrel Saloon

Whiskey Barrel Saloon has gotten Sacramento Party Bus's recommendation a time or two, that's for sure! They've done some renovations in recent years that makes it even more worth visiting, and if you haven't had a chance to go in and see what they've done, your next trip with Sacramento Party Bus is a nice time to do so! They've got a really great dance floor here and the bartenders make excellent drinks. They really know what they're doing. The acoustics are great for live music here too, so don't hesitate to stop in when local bands are lighting up the night with their great sounds!

Address & Phone: 114 N Sacramento St | Lodi, CA 95240 | (209) 938-9192


Like the previous establishment, Cellardoor is both a great place to drink and a wonderful spot to check out the local music. The bands that play here do it nice and loud, which is something that we find refreshing, since most wine bars are more subdued! You'll enjoy noshing on those sensational cheese platters while you sip all kinds of delectable wines here. The staff really knows their stuff, so if you're not sure which wines are your favorites just yet, ask them for some advice and you'll soon know your stuff just as well as they do! The local wineries are on showcase here.

Address & Phone: 21 N School St | Lodi, CA 95240 | (209) 339-4394