Steelhead Lounge

Steelhead Lodge is definitely one of Sacramento Party Bus's favorite bars, hands down, not just in the Meridian and Colusa area, but anywhere in our service area. This is one of the restaurants and bars that's located in the boat launch area of the Sacramento River. It's popular with boaters, of course, but Sacramento Party Bus-ers enjoy it just as much! It's a very clean and friendly establishment with great pub fare and nice service. The drinks aren't too expensive and they sure are good and strong. There are TVs to catch the game and happy hour prices that will make you smile. Fri & Sun recommended!

Address & Phone: 3249 Butte Slough Rd | Colusa, CA 95932 | (530) 458-4888

Rocco's Bar & Grill

Rocco's Bar & Grill is really a standout location in the Meridian/Colusa area and Sacramento Party Bus customers go wild for it every single time. The garlic cheese bread is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of this spot, and we're also huge fans of their wings and bruschetta as well as all of their sandwiches and hamburgers. It's really clean and nicely decorated and they've got a huge selection of beers as well. You'll enjoy watching the game or grooving to the hottest hits on the juke box. Very nice happy hour prices here as well! Fridays and Saturdays are most recommended!

Address & Phone: 546 Market St | Colusa, CA 95932 | (530) 458-8646

Sportsman Club

Sportsman Club is one of Sacramento Party Bus's favorite little dive bars. This one can be a little bit dead if you come in on a weekday, but the weekends always seem to be nice and busy. They've got a pool table and a dart board to give you something to do while you guzzle beer after beer. Let's not forget to mention their excellent juke box and their cozy outdoor patio too. This bar has actually been around for over 100 years, so you're getting a taste of history while you enjoy your night out as well. Located close to the Colusa Levee Scenic Park for a beautiful afternoon walk after that beer!

Address & Phone: 138 5th St | Colusa, CA 95932 | (530) 458-2033

Jeff's Freezette

Jeff's Freezette is the place to go for burgers in the Meridian and Colusa area! When you're here with Sacramento Party Bus, this is a must-visit. This is serious old fashioned goodness that you won't be able to get enough of. Old fashioned burgers, fries, and malts! We love the orange malt the best. This is the good stuff that your parents or even grandparents used to enjoy back in the 50s. They've got delicious hamburgers and chili here too, just the perfect party bus lunch stop if you ask us! You won't find cheaper prices than this, and the plus is that they do accept credit cards even though it feels like a cash-only joint! Very cool.

Address & Phone: 854 10th St | Colusa, CA 95932 | (530) 458-2831

Colusa Casino Resort

Colusa Casino Resort is such a famous stop in this area that we almost forgot to include it on this list! It's kind of a no-brainer. You'll have a blast playing slots and bingo here and you can get a room and stay for a night or two if you like! Sacramento Party Bus customers love coming here for bachelor and bachelorette parties and even for their honeymoons! Great food, nice decor, very clean. They've always got lots of promotions going on that will save you money too, which is super important for most budget-conscious party bus travelers! Call and see what they've got going on during your event.

Address & Phone: 3770 Hwy 45 | Colusa, CA 95932 | (530) 458-8844