Dillian's Bar and Grill

Dillian's Bar and Grill is one of Sacramento Party Bus's top requested bars in Lincoln and there's no question why. They're known for their street tacos and good stiff drinks here, and the fact that everything is available at such affordable prices only makes it taste even better! There's a pretty diverse crowd that hangs out here so you'll feel right at home no matter who you are. You'll love hanging out on the patio or busting a move on the dance floor inside, or perhaps even belting out a tune or two if you like to sing karaoke! Very friendly bartenders who really know what they're doing. A+ from us!

Address & Phone: 605 G St | Lincoln, CA 95648 | (916) 434-8171

Thunder Valley Casino Amphitheatre

If you're looking to see a great live show when you're in Lincoln, chances are that you'll have tickets to a concert at Thunder Valley Casino Amphitheatre. The best of the best play here, and with such great acoustics and comfy seating, there's no wondering why! They offer drinks here as well which makes it a great option for a night of music and drinks without having to hang out in a bar. Summertime concerts are at their best here, under the stars and the moonlight! Nothing upscale or fancy about this outdoor concert space, but the magic is in the music and in the warm summer atmosphere. You'll love it.

Address & Phone: 1200 Athens Ave | Lincoln, CA 95648 | (916) 408-7777

Mingle Bar

Mingle Bar sounds a bit like it would be a cheesy singles bar from the '70s, but no worries, it's not! It's the bar at Thunder Valley Casino where you can step away from the gambling and enjoy some drinks and maybe even watch the game. There's plenty of great conversation to be had here whether with your crew or with some of the other casino-goers who have taken a break from their tables. The folks who work here are super friendly, really adding to your experience at the casino, which as you know is always superb. One of the top destinations for Sacramento Party Bus customers in Lincoln!

Address & Phone: 1200 Athens Avenue | Lincoln, CA 95648 | (916) 408-7777

Falls Bar

Falls Bar, also located at Thunder Valley Casino, is a more upscale bar experience that's just perfect for your bigger celebrations when traveling with Sacramento Party Bus. The prices aren't too off the charts here which makes it even better. Everybody who recommends this place always mentions that huge chandelier, and you'll be sure to enjoy looking at that while you're there. We love the lounge vibe and the wonderful service. The bartenders are very friendly and knowledgeable here, knowing how to mix your drink just perfectly and to help you choose the right drink for your evening.

Address & Phone: 1200 Athens Ave | Lincoln, CA 95648 | (916) 408-7777

The Buffet

The Buffet is also located at the casino (of course!) and obviously this is a great choice for your dining experience in Lincoln with Sacramento Party Bus. Party bus travelers are always hungry, possibly encouraged by all the delicious alcohol that you're likely slurping on board, and a buffet is just the right place to chow down and fill up. The prime rib is what they are known for here but believe us when we say that everything is good and there's something for everybody. Lots of delish Asian choices here too including potstickers and egg rolls, and even a bit of sushi! Good stuff.

Address & Phone: 1200 Athens Ave | Lincoln, CA 95648 | (916) 408-7777