Tilly's Club

Our top choice for a really classic spot to enjoy an evening when you're partying in Ione with Sacramento Party Bus! This bar practically belongs to the firefighters who attend school down the street, and if they love it here, then you know it's good! The cocktail game is on point, so many great drinks! Be sure to try it when you're there. You'll be glad you did. They've got karaoke here which is always lots of fun and there's also plenty of space for dancing as well as pool tables if you're a bit of a shark! Wonderful bartenders here and we love the mini pitchers of ice cold beer! Awesome spot.

Address & Phone: 18 E Main St | Ione, CA 95640 | (209) 274-2032

Buena Vista Store & Saloon

Perhaps one of the more unique places that you'll ever visit in Ione is Buena Vista Store & Saloon and your Sacramento Party Bus chauffeur will be more than happy to take you there! Not only will you be able to enjoy some wonderful drinks and that classic atmosphere while you're there, but you can also stock up on many things that you might to keep the party going back on the vehicle! For this reason, many of our partygoers make this their very first stop on their day or night of partying with us. Karaoke is always a blast here so if you want to show off your vocal chops, or just have some fun, this is a great place to do it!

Address & Phone: 5864 Buena Vista Rd | Ione, CA 95640 | (209) 274-0105

Camanche Hills Sportsman Rest. & Bar

If you're a lover of deliciously simple food and classic drinks made right, you'll be very happy with your stop at Camanche Hills Sportsman Restaurant & Bar for a nice dinner and some might fine beverages in Ione. One of our favorite things on the menu is the fish and chips and we're also in love with their prime rib! They've got really delectable salmon that just melts in your mouth and the mahi mahi is pretty noteworthy too. The drinks are fantastic as well, always strong and never watered down, and not overpriced either. They close up between 10 and midnight most nights but are open until 2:00 AM Fri-Sat.

Address & Phone: 4216 Camanche Pkwy N | Ione, CA 95640 | (209) 763-2855

Drytown Club

Our passengers request this place so many times that you'd think we were being paid to influence them into going there! (We're not. We just love it and so do our customers.) We frequently sing the praises of their awesome western style interior and exterior, it's just so cool and not cheesy or kitschy, at least as far as we're concerned! Another thing that's old fashioned and so pleasant is the service here! Truly some of the best bartenders and staff that we have ever met. Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are always jumping here but any day of the week is great for a meal and some stiff drinks!

Address & Phone: 15950 Hwy 49 | Drytown, CA 95699 | (209) 245-6722

Susan's Place Wine Bar & Eatery

Talk about finding a really classy yet comfortable place to dine and enjoy sipping delectable red and white wines. They've got a really impressive selection of both food and drink here, with some nice Mediterranean items to nosh on as well as wine bar staples like cheese and charcuterie plates. Our Sacramento Party Bus customers especially enjoy the evenings on the beautiful patio with the twinkle lights. On a starry night, it's really the place to be, and so intimate for your romantic celebrations including bridal showers and birthday parties. Not just great wine here but coffee too!

Address & Phone: 15 Eureka St | Sutter Creek, CA 95685 | (209) 267-0945