Garden Acres

Fat's Grill & Bar

When it comes to great American sports bars in the Garden Acres/Stockton area, Fat's Grill & Bar definitely gets rave reviews from Sacramento Party Bus customers. It's open until 2:00 AM every night so you don't have to worry about calling it a night early. There's free Wi-Fi so you can hook up to the Internet on your iPhones and BlackBerrys and not miss any of your important emails. They've got live music, DJs, and a juke box depending on when you come in. The happy hour prices will certainly keep you happy here! There are TVs for sports too. Best things here? Nachos and pizza twists! Delish.

Address & Phone: 4555 N Pershing Ave | Stockton, CA 95207 | (209) 473-3281


Another great classic bar! Our travelers love stopping in here when they're passing through the Garden Acres/Stockton area. The prices aren't bad and the food and drinks are just excellent. The bartenders are so warm and friendly, really making you feel like you have stepped through their door into another time and place when that kind of service was to be expected! The hamburgers and steak fries are really excellent here and we're also big fans of their blue cheese quesadillas and eggplant parm. Yummy peppercorn steak too. Nice dance floor for those who live to get down!

Address & Phone: 856 W Benjamin Holt Dr | Stockton, CA 95207 | (209) 957-7856

Whirlow's Tossed and Grilled

Whirlow's Tossed and Grilled is a great place for salads and sandwiches, and the killer point here is that they have the best jazz and blues around to enjoy while you're eating that delicious food. They have beer and wine for you to enjoy as well. Though not a full bar, we find that's quite nice. The pulled pork sandwiches, turkey pesto aioli sandwiches, and sweet potato fries are the go-to items for us, but believe us when we say that everything that's listed on their menu is fantastic! We've tried virtually everything and we couldn't come up with a single complaint if we tried.

Address & Phone: 1924 Pacific Ave | Stockton, CA 95204 | (209) 466-2823

The Abbey Trappist Pub

You would be surprised at just how much our travelers ask to go to The Abbey more than any other place in this area. They've got some of the most delicious sandwiches around, including a grilled steak sandwich that will really make your mouth water, and a chicken sandwich that's so moist and delicious that you simply won't believe it. We'd also very highly recommend their sausages which we have enjoyed on many occasions. They've got a small number of taps here, just a half dozen, but the selection is fantastic and very focused on the Belgian ones. You'll absolutely love it here.

Address & Phone: 2353 Pacific Ave | Stockton, CA 95204 | (209) 451-1780

AVE on the Mile

What a great place to dine in the earlier hours and what a sensational place to enjoy the nightlife late into the evening! If you're there for brunch, you'll love partaking in the endless mimosas (all-you-can-drink!) and how about that wonderful eggs benedict with biscuits and gravy? Oh, we could wax poetic about those breakfasts and brunches. They simply couldn't be more delicious. In the evenings, we usually opt for the tapas trio or the tuna tartare. You can just relax and enjoy some of the best ambiance in this area. Definitely a highlight for Sacramento Party Bus travel.

Address & Phone: 2333 Pacific Ave | Stockton, CA 95204 | (209) 462-5283