Freel Peak

MacDuff's Pub

MacDuff's Pub is an absolute essential in the Fallen Leaf Lake area! We're just in love with this place and so are all of our Sacramento Party Bus customers who travel in this area. The fish and chips is the number one recommendation from us due to the huge portion and the perfection of the meal itself. They fry it up just right, never overcooked, and you'll just love it. The pizza is also wonderful here and they've got a lot of Scottish treats that you will enjoy. Don't overlook the pizza either! It's not your average run of the mill pie. For dessert, the bread pudding is a must. Highly recommended!

Address & Phone: 1041 Fremont Ave | South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 | (530) 542-8777

Brewery at Lake Tahoe

Brewery at Lake Tahoe is a must-visit if you're traveling with Sacramento Party Bus when traveling through the area. When you think of this place, you think burgers, pizza, and beer! And this is not just your standard bar fare that's not too impressive. This is the real deal! Very good food and excellent drinks. The mountain salad is one of our favorite things on the menu too and we're absolutely in love with the southwest jalapeno barbecue chicken burger! That's a flavor that you simply cannot forget. Excellent brewskis here and the kind of staff that makes you feel so welcome. A+ and top notch all around!

Address & Phone: 3542 Lake Tahoe Blvd | South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 | (530) 544-2739

Whiskey Dick's

Whickey Dick's is a Sacramento Party Bus customers' favorite dive bar in the Fallen Leaf Lake area! So many of our customers enjoy stopping in to enjoy the super cheap beer, the cozy and inviting atmosphere, and of course a few games of shuffleboard and pool. They've got great live music here too. What better place is there to enjoy the evening after hitting the slopes during a Sacramento Party Bus trip? Did we mention the wonderful bartenders who go out of their way to make you feel at home? They are pros at serving a great stiff drink here. All around excellent service!

Address & Phone: 2660 Lake Tahoe Blvd | South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 | (530) 544-3425

Turn 3

Turn 3 is one of the best dive bars in the Fallen Leaf Lake area and Sacramento Party Bus customers just love stopping in for cheap drinks and great conversation. There's a great jukebox here with a nice selection of your favorites and the happy hour prices will definitely make you smile if you're conscious of your budget right now. A great place to catch sporting events as well. This is one of those old fashioned joints with the peanut shells all over the floor! Nice pool table too. Really a great place. Any day of the week will be a fun time here.

Address & Phone: 2227 Lake Tahoe Blvd | South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 | (530) 542-3199

Cafe Fiore

Sure, this is one of the priciest places that Sacramento Party Bus will ever recommend to you but it's also one of the best! You certainly get what you pay for here, and then some. The wine selection is just sensational, just the right size and so well chosen. All of the food is fantastic here but we're especially partial to the steaks and the swordfish. The garlic bread is simply irresistible. For dessert, you absolutely must try their white chocolate ice cream. You'll really feel like you're on cloud nine when you're dining here. Excellent service and some of the finest food in the Lake Tahoe area!

Address & Phone: 1169 Ski Run Blvd | South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 | (530) 541-2908