Cafe Bernardo

Cafe Bernardo is hands down Sacramento Party Bus's favorite place in Davis! Our customers clearly agree, based on the fact that they ask our chauffeurs to take them there on almost every single trip in this area. They're famous for their Wiki Wacky Woo's, so make sure to order that when you're there, you'll love it! They've got some of the best food around too, including breakfasts that are just out of this world, and a chicken apple sausage scramble that absolutely knocks our socks off! Limited hours here, only until 10:00 PM most days and until 11:00 PM on Fridays. Arrive early!

Address & Phone: 234 D St | Davis, CA 95616 | (530) 750-5101


Froggy's is an essential dive bar in Davis that Sacramento Party Bus customers really seem to love. Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are the best nights to go and you will absolutely love the happy hour prices and drink specials here! There are TVs so you won't have to miss the game while you're there and there is also a great jukebox with all your favorite songs on it. The burgers are sensational and super cheap too! We've enjoyed the cheese sticks and hot poppers several times as well. Everything about this place is comfortable and relaxed! You'll love it.

Address & Phone: 726 2nd St | Davis, CA 95616 | (530) 758-7550

Little Prague Restaurant

If you're looking for an excellent restaurant and a wonderful after hours hangout in Davis, the Sacramento Party Bus staff would highly recommend Little Prague Restaurant to you. The potato pancakes and kolace are both wonderful but believe us when we tell you that you cannot go wrong with anything that you find on the menu! It's all that sensational! The crispy almond duck nuggets are also a nice treat and we love to dive into that sausage plate with sauerkraut and potatoes! The live music is also excellent. And don't overlook their weekend brunch, perfect for Sacramento Party Bus trips!

Address & Phone: 330 G St | Davis, CA 95616 | (530) 756-1107

Sophia's Thai Bar & Kitchen

At Sophia's Thai Bar & Kitchen, you won't have to decide between dinner at a restaurant and drinks at a bar, because they've got you covered in both areas. The food is simply sensational, as many of our Sacramento Party Bus customers have told us! They love the green curry with asparagus and they're always raving about the Thai iced tea. They've got great live bands in the bar area that you'll really enjoy, really showcasing the local talent and providing a unique ambiance for this type of restaurant. Definitely a crowded spot on the weekends, so arrive early!

Address & Phone: 129 E St | Davis, CA 95616 | (530) 758-4333

The Davis Graduate

The Davis Graduate is a Sacramento Party Bus favorite and it's a mixture of a sports bar, a dance club, and a burger joint! In this case, being a jack of all trades is not a bad thing! The garlic fries are one of our favorite things to dive into here, as well as the barbecue chicken pizza and the hamburgers, and our customers have told us that this is one of their favorite places to dance the night away when they're traveling on the party bus. There are lots of TVs around so you won't have to miss the game while you're there. An all around friendly and fun place to spend the evening!

Address & Phone: 805 Russell Blvd | Davis, CA 95616 | (530) 758-4723