Crystal Range

The Divided Sky

Without a doubt an absolute must-visit for Sacramento Party Bus partygoers in the Crystal Range area! The ambiance is truly unique, feeling like a skiier's or snowboarder's dream and they offer wonderful food and some of the best live music around. They've got a wonderful array of beers on draft and you'll definitely enjoy that famous garlic bread with big pieces of chopped garlic on top. Our favorite thing on the menu by far is the kiva sandwich which includes salmon, onions, goat cheese, and mixed greens, all served on a fresh and delicious ciabatta roll. Great pizza here too! And Jenga to play! Love it.

Address & Phone: 3200 Hwy 50 | South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 | (530) 577-0775

Uncle Tom's Cabin

Such a one of a kind, cozy little dive bar in the Crystal Range area that's really an essential when you're passing through here with Sacramento Party Bus. They've got a nice array of beers to choose from and just a very cool atmosphere that feels like you've discovered something rare out there in the mountains. We love the souvenirs that they've collected here which actually date back to the mid- to late-1800s. Retro doesn't even come close to describing the charm of this place! Wonderful service, great live music, and cheap prices. It's hard to not go on and on about this wonderful bar, they are something uniquely special.

Address & Phone: Wentworth Springs Rd | Pollock Pines, CA 95726

Classic Cue

Those who love to keep busy at the bar with pool, karaoke, and live music will love Classic Cue. This place is often requested by Sacramento Party Bus customers and we know that you'll enjoy yourself there if you're traveling on our limo bus too! Brand new owners have really turned something with potential into a true gem. Great sports bar vibe, plenty of big TVs, a good amount of pool tables, delicious food, and just plenty to do here. Lots of events going on throughout the year to keep it exciting too. The cheap prices are a major plus and we really love the juke box here. Top notch service also, their staff is really on their game!

Address & Phone: 1965 Lake Tahoe Blvd | South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 | (530) 541-8704

Murphy's Irish Pub

If you're seeking an Irish pub in the Crystal Range/Tahoe area, Murphy's is the spot where you're destined to end up. The food here is really good. When we think about dining here, we instantly picture piles of glistening golden onion rings and delicious shoestring potatoes, all fried up just perfectly. The sandwiches are excellent here and we'd very highly recommend the Full Monty burger to you. If you're a seafood lover like us, you'll want to dive into those mussels too. So good! Very nice service and a clean and pleasant atmosphere too. Overall a high quality dining experience across the board, you can't go wrong here!

Address & Phone: 787 Emerald Bay Rd | South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 | (530) 544-8004

The Fresh Ketch

OK, seafood lovers who are taking a trip out to general area around the Crystal Range/Tahoe area! You simply must pay a visit to The Fresh Ketch while you're with us! Sundays are the best time to come in, if you ask us, because of the build-your-own bloody mary bar! Friday nights are also a great time to stop in because of the live music that begins at 7:00 PM. We're really hooked on the reuben sandwiches here when we can resist the seafood, but typically we're downing bowls of lobster bisque and noshing on calamari and lobster tails. The prices aren't too bad at all for the quality here! You'll love it doubt any shadow of a doubt, it's really really good.

Address & Phone: 2435 Venice Dr E | South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 | (530) 541-5683