Milo's Lounge Bar

When it comes to local Concord bars, Milo's Lounge Bar is certainly one of the best. Sacramento Party Bus partygoers love stopping in to this spot for the cheap drinks and the good conversation! They've got cool specials all the time, especially on holidays! There's a TV above the bar so you can watch your favorite sporting events while you drink and there is a pool table towards the back as well if you like to shoot pool with your friends! The service here is really outstanding. The kind of staff that you just don't see anymore at all. They've even got some board games behind the bar if you want to play!

Address & Phone: 1114 Meadow Ln | Concord, CA 94520 | (925) 825-8280

Zanbur Bar & Grill

A Mediterranean lounge, grill, and sports bar? You bet! Sacramento Party Bus customers really enjoy this one. The chicken kabobs are so moist and delicious that you'll want to order kabob after kabob. They've got really incredible spinach, potato, and jalapeno sambosas, and wonderful pitas with falafel, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and tahini. The french fries and rice are both delicious here and the service is simply outstanding. Really beautiful ambiance here as well with metal and wood accents throughout the building. Nice portions, nice prices, and nice staff!

Address & Phone: 1985 Willow Pass Rd | Concord, CA 94520 | (925) 288-1466

Wicked Mirage Hookah Lounge

Sacramento Party Bus has recommended Wicked Mirage Hookah Lounge a time or two, to say the least, and the reason for that is because everything that they offer here is so high quality! It begins with the quick and attentive service that you receive from the first moment that you walk in. You'll be enthralled by the beautiful surroundings and the mellow atmosphere. The quality of the hookah is just incredible, from the equipment to the ingredients. The flavor says it all. Not only is it high quality but there are a huge variety of flavors to choose from! Purely excellent on all counts.

Address & Phone: 3425 Chestnut Ave | Concord, CA 94519 | (925) 405-6641

Captain's Chest Cocktail Lounge

Seeking an old-time cocktail lounge and dive bar? Captain's Chest is what you're after. Sacramento Party Bus has pointed our customers to this place quite a few times when they're looking for a cheap place to drink that's also comfortable and inviting. The bartenders who work here are always very friendly and polite, experts at mixing a delicious drink and serving it with flair. Karaoke is a blast here and when they don't have that there's a great DJ to spin the hits! There's even a TV so you won't have to miss the game. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are the nights to be here!

Address & Phone: 785 Oak Grove Rd | Concord, CA 94518 | (925) 687-2800


Scores is another Sacramento Party Bus favorite in Concord, open until 2:00 AM every single night and with those low-low-low prices that our price-conscious customers just can't get enough of! There's lots of room here to dance and let your hair down and have a great time. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are the times when this place is most jumping and worth visiting. A nice variety of music is played here too! They've got all your favorite classic drinks and some new exciting ones too! Just ask the bartender what surprises they've got for you and give them a try. Top notch!

Address & Phone: 1907 Salvio St | Concord, CA 94520 | (925) 677-5070