Clayton Club Saloon

For a classic old western bar that looks like it's straight off the set of a classic old western movie, you have got to check out Clayton Club Saloon. This is the perfect stop when you're passing through Clayton with Sacramento Party Bus. They're open until 2:00 AM every night of the week, so you can always choose this as your late night stop before winding the night down. The live music is really excellent here and we always enjoy chilling on the outdoor patio and looking at the stars while we drink an ice cold beer. Karaoke too! And dancing!

Address & Phone: 6096 Main St | Clayton, CA 94517 | (925) 673-0440

Pavilion Bar & Grill

If you're looking for someplace that you can enjoy some really great food and not just drinks, Pavilion Bar & Grill is the perfect choice in Clayton. Sacramento Party Bus customers just love this place. They've got a really huge variety of dishes here, most being traditional Italian fare, including a tomato basil soup that we just cannot get enough of, and a chicken cordon bleu that is just so flavorful and expertly prepared. The drinks are not too expensive whether you're opting for an ice cold beer or a perfectly crafted cocktail. The service is excellent and so is everything else!

Address & Phone: 1508 Kirker Pass Road | Clayton, CA 94517 | (925) 672-6868

Sleep Train Pavilion

Sleep Train Pavilion is the place to see live bands in the Clayton/Concord area! This is one of those concert venues where you can get lawn seats and just party on through the night under the stars. Perfect for party bus travel with Sacramento Party Bus! Especially since it's hard to get a good parking here unless you arrive insanely early. When you're on the road with Sacramento Party Bus, you don't have to worry about that because we'll pick you up and drop you off right at the door! They've got bottles of wine available here as well as delicious margaritas too!

Address & Phone: 2000 Kirker Pass Rd | Concord, CA 94521 | (925) 692-2400

La Veranda Cafe

Another great place to get Italian food in this area is La Veranda Cafe. The carbonara pasta is one of our favorite things to enjoy here and we're also really in love with their shrimp pancetta. The fish is just wonderful here. Forget about the standard plain steamed fish! The grouper is glazed with white wine and butter and paired with baked fennel. The salmon is done up with lots of garlic to add even more flavor to an already flavorific dish. Despite the high quality here, you will not pay an arm and a leg for it. And you will get really excellent service no matter when you come in. Sacramento Party Bus approved!

Address & Phone: 6201 Center St | Clayton, CA 94517 | (925) 524-0011

Country Waffles

If you're out with Sacramento Party Bus all night long and it's time to find a sensational breakfast or brunch stop in Clayton, Country Waffles should be the first phrase that finds its way to your lips. The prices here are super low, just the way they should be for breakfast! The quality? Superb. Incredible Belgian waffles top our list of favorites here! They've also got chicken fried steak that will rival even the best in Texas, and that's all without having to leave the comfort of California. Now that's what we're talking about! Lots of room for groups here and good for take-out too!

Address & Phone: 5435 Clayton Rd | Clayton, CA 94517 | (925) 673-0943