Camanche Village

Tilly's Club

All of the firemen who attend the firefighting school in this vicinity, are huge fans of this watering hole and if they think it's good, then you know it is! One of the signature drinks is named with them in mind, and it's called Fire in the Hole. We definitely recommend that you give that a try as well as anything else they're offering up on special at this sensational bar. We've been wowed by the service they have provided and the cool and casual laid-back atmosphere a time or two, and our Sacramento Party Bus customers request this one on a really regular basis, so we know it's the real deal. That's our best indicator of what places are booming.

Address & Phone: 18 E Main St | Ione, CA 95640 | (209) 274-2032

Drytown Club

Drytown Club gets a lot of attention from Sacramento Party Bus customers when we pass by and they always ask the chauffeur to stop so they can give the place a try. That great western motif continues inside the bar, and it's really fun and cute and never cliche if you ask us! They've got barbecue and blues on Saturday evenings and a huge selection of micro brews and hand-crafted beers for you to try if that's your thing. If you haven't been there in a while and weren't so impressed the first time around, note that it's under new ownership and everything has been top of the line ever since, smart changes really show improvements!

Address & Phone: 15950 Hwy 49 | Drytown, CA 95699 | (209) 245-6722

Buena Vista Store & Saloon

Buena Vista Store & Saloon is a top-requested destination by Sacramento Party Bus customers because it's such a unique place in the Camanche Village area. It's a combo old fashioned general store and bar, and how often do you come across something like this? It's a great spot to stop in and enjoy a few drinks and maybe sing a few songs at karaoke, and at the same time you can pick up many of the supplies and grocery items that you might need for a long trip on the limo bus! Everything is pretty affordable here and the friendliness of the staff can't be overstated. This one is a really a special spot to stop by for a visit anytime you're in the area!

Address & Phone: 5864 Buena Vista Rd | Ione, CA 95640 | (209) 274-0105

Salute Beer & Wine Bar

This entry is yet another place that Sacramento Party Bus customers request often from our chauffeurs. It's great because most wine bars are straight-up wine bars and don't offer beer, but in every party bus group you tend to have your beer drinkers and your wine drinkers. This blends both worlds perfectly and elegantly. There aren't a ton of beers on tap but the ones that they do have are very well-chosen. Tequila Tuesdays are a hit with our customers too and they've even got excellent bloody mary's here! The ambiance is really charming and beautiful and the service is outstanding too. Be your drink of choice beer or wine you're going to have an good time here.

Address & Phone: 40 Hanford St | Sutter Creek, CA 95685 | (925) 917-0261

Stanley's Steakhouse

Stanley's Steakhouse is a must-visit for your celebrations in the Camanche Village area with Sacramento Party Bus. Everyone in the area adores this spot for the juicy prime rib, the tender filet mignon, the delicate lamb, and the ocean-fresh scallops. We're also big fans of their mushroom risotto. We could just dive into a bowl of it and make that our whole meal. The fingerling potatoes are also noteworthy here. If you're there for breakfast, don't pass up the eggs benedict. No matter what time of day you come in, the service is excellent and the full bar is a plus. Best nights? Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. But anytime you stop in you are going to walk out extremely satisfied.

Address & Phone: 2 Water St | Jackson, CA 95642 | (209) 257-2595