Camanche North Shore

Buena Vista Store & Saloon

The locals will be familiar with these amazing little joints in the Camanche North Shore and our clients are fond of visiting to see what all the fuss is about. This sensational combination of a country store and a bar is really something unique to see when you're passing through! You can pick up many things that you'll want for your journey and also spend some time in the bar sipping cheap yet strong drinks and maybe even singing some karaoke hits! The western atmosphere feels fun and fresh, not cliche. Super friendly staff that makes the experience so much better.

Address & Phone: 5864 Buena Vista Rd | Ione, CA 95640 | (209) 274-0105

Tilly's Club

Tilly's Club gets rave reviews from dive bar lovers in the Camanche North Shore part of Sacramento Party Bus's service area. The specialty drink that we'd most recommend to you is Fire in the Hole, and that name has got to be inspired by the fact that there's a firefighting school down the street and this local stomping grounds for those brave students! That fact just adds even more je ne sais quoi to the ambiance here. Authenticity and old fashioned quality are words that come to mind. They've got karaoke and swing dancing here, both of which are tons of fun. Cheap drinks and pool too!

Address & Phone: 18 E Main St | Ione, CA 95640 | (209) 274-2032

Buena Vista Restaurant and Saloon

Simply known as The Buena Vista, this restaurant not so long ago opened up in the former location of a beloved local steakhouse and it's already winning hearts with its friendly service and excellent food. They've got great French dip sandwiches for you to nosh on, club sandwiches that will satisfy even the heartiest appetite, and even some surprises like tacos, burritos, and hamburgers too. They're not trying to compete with the place that used to occupy this space so there aren't any steaks on the menu, at least not yet. Fully remodeled and really a nice place to enjoy the evening.

Address & Phone: 5864 Buena Vista Rd | Ione, CA 95640 | (209) 274-0105

Susan's Place Wine Bar & Eatery

We have picked these gals and guys because it's really a nice spot to enjoy some fine wine and dinner when out with your friends near the Camanche North Shore area. They've got a menu of appetizers that will really wow you, including a champignon brie and roasted garlic that has won us over time and time again. The wine selection is small but well-chosen and they're happy to help you find the perfect flavors for your personal tastes. Really beautiful outdoor garden with twinkle lights and the perfect ambiance for a night out with friends or that special someone. Great coffee here also!

Address & Phone: 15 Eureka St | Sutter Creek, CA 95685 | (209) 267-0945

Teresa's Place Italian Dinners

You're looking at one of the greatest places in the Camanche North Shore area to enjoy a hearty family style Italian meal when you're here with Sacramento Party Bus. They've got one of the best tasting roast beef dinners that we have ever laid tastebuds on too, and we'd definitely consider that a go-to item. It's very traditional and old fashioned here, which we love. In a world of modern, it's nice to have a throwback like this. Don't miss the soups and appetizers here, they're all so fresh and delicious and simply packed with flavor. Some of the best service around and great atmosphere too.

Address & Phone: 1235 Jackson Gate Rd | Jackson, CA 95642 | (209) 223-1786